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Highly recommended FX Trading
FX Good Way
FX Good Way

Warning! It is the same vendor this EA: FXZipper,Forex IN Control ,Forex Bot 28, Forex Imba, Forex Truck,Fx-Secret Combo,Fx Adept, FXCharger,FX Diverse,FXGoodway,FXhelix,FXMower,FXOxygen,FX rapid Quattro,FX Robot Go,FX Stabilizer,FX Track Pro,Power ful forex,Trader's moon, Trader's Sun and Market Fighter Vendor EA use the same high risk martingale strategy. He changed only the name of EA and used another pair or setting. His accounts burn for several months. Check it now!


Tokamato Free EA for MT4

Tokamato free forex robot download

Test Result  2020.01.01 - 2021.04.06 

Tokamato (Turbo1) Test result + Set Download: Here  - Minimum deposit 100 USD*

  • Profit 76,6% Max DD 26,83%

Tokamato (Norm 1) Test result + Set Download: Here Minimum deposit 200 USD* 

  • Profit 38,2% Max DD 12,31%

Tokamato (Turbo1)

Tokamato Test 1 USDCAD h1 Turbo1

Open a real trading account or Open a demo account

  • Send me account number (Pasw. No) You get: Tokamato Forex Robot (max 2 XM demo / Max 2  XM Real)
  • Minimum deposit 100-200 USD*  /Setting file/
  • Account Type: Demo or  Real Standard (good) or Zero  or Micro
  • Leverage 1:500 (XM Global)

Open an account, through this page, by clicking to example XM logo above! The account opening is only valid by clicking to the logo above. 

Test Result  2020.01.01 - 2021.04.06 

Tokamato "turbo2" or "Norm2" set download conditions

Tokamato (Turbo2) Test result + Set Download: Here  - Minimum deposit 100 USD*

  • Profit 150,3% Max DD 26,03%

Tokamato (Norm 2) Test result + Set Download: Here - Minimum deposit 200 USD* 

  • Profit 67,1,2% Max DD 12,45%

Norm 2

Tokamato Norm 2  graf result

Turbo 2

Tokamato Turbo 2  graf result