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I. Privacy Information


  1. The brokerprofit.com web site (hereinafter Site) "Provider Data Management", respecting the rights of your own data and to make every effort to meet the requirements of the Privacy Act. The Privacy policy is intended to Explain you, how will it be used for personal information in our possession and how you can modify or delete the data treated.

  2. This information applies to data management brokerprofit.com web site (hereinafter Site) subdomain and data management.

  3. The changes data management information in this web site above will take force when published will be.

II. The data managed

  1. Some aspects of site brokerprofit.com only for members are available. (eg .: Newsletter)

  2. During the registration process will be saved the user's name, e-mail address, your computer's current IP address, which the Data Manager to manage the withdrawal purposes below.

  3. The e-mail addresses, IP addresses are not visible to the other, after registration, free to decide whether to give further details.

  4. Recorded on your computer's current IP address when browsing the web in an electronic format that is stored on our server.

  5. While Forum posts stored the the sender's user name and the computer's current IP address.

III. The purpose of data management:

  1. Data recorded during the site visit in order to prevent fraud and recorded for statistical purposes to improve the quality of our services.

  2. All other details of the operation of services (eg, use forum) is recorded, and to identify the users.

  3. The IP record purpose during a forum post to prevent abuse.

IV. Duration of data management:

  1. If the information you provide to the withdrawal of consent.

  2. During the visit, the data recorded is stored indefinitely.

V. Access to personal data:

  1. The Data Handler access data recorded during the visit.

  2. Only the data controller has access to your registered e-mail addresses. The Data Manager, the administrator and moderators of this forum have access to the saved ip address what saved during the post.

VI. Withdrawal of data management:

  1. Does not have the right to refuse the processing of personal data without giving any reason or statements made in the contributor's registration be revoked.

  2. The forum posts are not personal data, they will remain in the system, they will be viewed.

Terms of Use

I. The content of the Terms and Conditions

  1. The present conditions of use (the Rules) brokerprofit.com the web site(hereinafter Site)contains the conditions use of available pages of information society services(hereinafter referred to as Service).

  2. Considered as the user visits a web pageand everyone who takes all the features of the Site.

  3. Using any part of the Service, the User agrees to the terms of this Policy.

  4. The Service Provider shall be entitled at any time modification unilaterally the rules by themodification will inform the User of this siteIf the user after the changes begin to use any of the Servicesconstitutes acceptance of the modification.

  5. Other documents linked form part of the present Regulations and Rules are binding on all users.

II. The most important features and elements of the Service

  1. The purpose of the Service  for Users forum service providing.

  2. Service Provider reserves the right to modify or discontinuethe ad features a private showingor other content place without notice any aspect of the Site (eg .: content and design).

III. The condition of using the Service

  1. Some elements of the service are available for members onlyRegistration starts with filling out the registration form  correctly and completely. The selected e-mail address must be unique and can not be sowhich is already registered in the system. Incorrect entries, theuser is informed with help of the error messages.

  2. By registering, the user declares that he read the terms of use and accept the Supplierauthorizes the treatment of personal data sent, which are treated as confidential by the Service ProviderPrivacy Policy can be viewed at the following addressPrivacy Policy

  3. The user acknowledges that a breach of the terms of use and if the user account registrationviolates the interests of the Service for any reason, the registration may be canceled.

  4. The members User agrees to the specified e-mail address of the Service Provider to sendpromotional adsThe user can always opt the e-mail ads  with the  received link in the bottom of e-mail.

  5. The User commits itself that its published content, information, photos do not conflict withexisting legislation and the Service Provider or third party rights or interests not infringed anddo not use the Service for the purpose of advertising.

  6. Service provider for the Forums administrator, moderator for conferring the right to make thecomments that violate the rules of a specific forumone of the principles of moderationare removedGeneral Forum Rules can be viewed at the following address:Rules
    Each Sub Forums Forums General Regulations vary from the policythis particular child boardsto know about.

IV. Intended use of the Service

  1. Prohibiited to use any system or solution that aims to use the service to stop the operation ofserversenable or result inor which endangers the proper operation of the Service.

  2. The Service and the content available on the Website are subject to copyright protection. Sumand rights for the protection maker of the database of the copyright of the Supplier is entitled toand the service provision for the inherent reading to the screen and the necessarytemporary reproductionas well for personalnon-commercial purposes Saving and printingover any other way not be used or usable of Service provider without prior written permission.

  3. with posting of the User renounce the right of disposal over of postsThe copyright for postsafter the the post was entitled to a service provider who has freely published comments viewed any forums for its own interests, including on storage, modification or deletion of whichsome part or all of the posts.

V. Responsibility

  1. Everyone can use the Service at your own risk.

  2. The User is responsible for all activities that implemented in the user name and passwordused to log in for safe keeping.

  3. The use of the Service (egThe information contained in the profile, posts placed images,etcshall be responsible only for that userThe Provider disclaims all liability causedpublished or otherwiseor any pecuniary or non-pecuniary damage otherwise incurred in connection with the user's behavior and violationor other consequences with respect to the User.

  4. The Web page operated by a third party placed by Users Website may contain links toIf theService provider becomes aware that it linked site or of linking of the existing legislationviolates the rights of third parties or the link immediately removed from the website. In addition, Service Provider assumes no control over their content and links can be drawn by any responsibility for the content of websites.

  5. If the user's behavior as a result of or in connection with, a third party or any authority or courtagainst the Service any need support or initiate proceedings, the User is done and the Serviceto reimburse any damagefinancial loss and expense required measures required by each of the serviceswhich reach or in connection with the Service for any unlawful conduct of the User.

  6. The user can not change the appearance of the Web page, by using the Service. Attempts to do so in disqualification and other legal consequences entail.

  7. We are not responsible different that specified in the operation of the servicealterations,breaks down for any damage resulting from the arrest.

  8. We are not responsible for the beyond in conjunction with occurred errors and the consequences thereof(network faults, server failurefailureoutage of any origin, pause,loss of dataplaced by others destructive applications)

  9. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any consequences resulting during the registration process incompletelyincorrectly specified data.

  10. Caused practices detrimental to the security of information systems, or in connection with any damage caused solely responsible for this behavior was implemented, so the Service Provider's liability precludes all for the actwhich occurs during the use of the Service, including the use, distribution, viruses or other harmful software for the and other personal data from unauthorized access, destruction, damage or disclosurehacking and other service activities inhis possession.

VI. Privacy Policy

  1. Handling of users' personal data to the Data Management Guide provides.

VII. Other provisions

  1. Service Provider reserves the right to require that any technical or other reasons, the Service, or any part thereof limit suspend or terminate.

  2. Owner and copyright holder of the Service Provider associated with the web page.
    Owner and copyright holder of the Service Provider related to the service.

Forum Rules


I. General rules

  1. writing freely and in their chosen nickname of the user.

  2. The User must be used between the terms and conditions of these Rules and the applicable law created through the service.

  3. The forums forum administrator or administrators, moderators or moderators supervise their fundamental mission is to enable the continuous conversation.

  4. The moderator is entitled to delete any comments that violate this policyand then posts the user temporarily or permanently restrict.

  5. The moderator is not a judge, it is not required to provide justice to usersbut strives tocomply with forum rules consistentlyimpartially and to ensure the peaceful exchange of ideas with other users.

  6. Moderators at their discretion may take measures for cancellations technical origin.

  7. To ensure continuity and preserve readability along with the comments to delete theanswers, may also be deleted.

  8. The post will take place immediately following the publication of the submissionthemoderators will not allow post, so neither moderators nor the operator does not assume any liability for the content of messages, and only reflects the user's opinionwhich the operatorsand moderators are not any community assume.

  9. The operators and moderators are not liable for any damage or inconvenience resulting thefailure of moderation.

  10. The moderator there is no capacity to read all the messagesso please if you are as postfinds that these regulations conflict with one point of view, or in any way hinder the civilizedconversation, we indicate the contact details on the contact page.

II. Deleteposts:

  1. Offending posts. At the time of publicationcontaining an invitation to crime or other offense tothe application, or contrary to the Hungarian legislation.

  2. Send any comments that may violate privacy laws or other personal information public. (The exception to this is if the registered user can disclose personal information.)

  3. It comments that prevent the proper use of the forum.

  4. Posts that affect the system operatoror the the operation of of computer users as they are not required.

  5. Vulgar, threatening, aggressiveinsulting Posts in toneKnowledge of the topic it is deemedby the moderator that the posts belong to this category.

  6. the moderationoperators ratingdealing with them writingsModeration is not in issue and should not be taken as a personal insult.

  7. Messages that contain offensive images of good taste.

  8. Incitement to hatred or Posts on these topics with links to web pages.

  9. Some registered users insulting, discreditingin personal opinions.

  10. Racist expressions.

  11. with several different name deliberate destruction of the forum.

  12. Deliberate dissemination of false information.

  13. Any intentional community destructive behavior and provocation.

  14. Based on the comments and someone's nickname for a person or companyor a companyrepresentative to impersonatewhich does not correspond to reality.

  15. Use a name that can be connected in a temporary or permanent ban under a different usernameimmediatepermanent prohibitions might entail.

  16. Destructive topic posts.

  17. No matching topic posts.

  18. Copying back deleted posts.

  19. Comments, links like short stories.

  20. Any typingwhich prevents the use of the topic.

  21. Publication of advertisingbusiness, or continuing the business of economic activity.

  22. Any comments that do not conflict with the previously listedbut do not want to provide them with publicity.


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