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Broker profit Forex real trading

Our website presents the results of automated forex trading.

There are lot of websites like this, what is the difference between our and our competitors’ service?

It is the first time you can view and compare the result of forex transactions made by the seller and us.

You can compare the transactions easily on the following website: "Compare Real Forex Trading"

For better transparency, we attach the results of current fxblue and myfxbook and past test. (Soon !!)

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Highly recommended Trading's TOP 3
WrenFX WrenFX Fxblue Result Chart

Live Account  

Price:  299 USD
Monthly gain:  37.51%
Running Time (day):  120 day
Start:  1000
Balance:  3469
Floating P/L:  0.00

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 Forex Robot for Sale  

Happy Gold
Happy Gold Happy Gold Fxblue Result Chart

Live Account  

Price:  299 EUR
Monthly gain:  24.85%
Running Time (day):  220 day
Start:  5000
Balance:  5590
Floating P/L:  0.00

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 Forex Robot for Sale  

FXCipher EA
FXCipher EA FXCipher EA Fxblue Result Chart

Live Account  

Price:  295 USD
Monthly gain:  13.79%
Running Time (day):  475 day
Start:  6000
Balance:  48254
Floating P/L:  0.00

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 Forex Robot for Sale  

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Forex Signal | Expert Advisors | Forex trading
Author Rating
Real account results
FX Fortnite EA
FX Fortnite EA

Live Account

EA Review  

Price: 149 USD
Broker name: VTMarkets
Timeframe: H1
Money Back Guarantee Money Back Guarantee

 Forex Robot for Sale  

FX Fortnite EA Fxblue Result Chart FX Fortnite EA stats FX Fortnite EA stats

Live Account

EA Review   Top EA´S

Price: 299 USD
Broker name: FX Choice
Timeframe: H1

Myfxbook WrenFX

 Forex Robot for Sale  

WrenFX Fxblue Result Chart WrenFX stats WrenFX stats
Forex Robotron
Forex Robotron

Live Account

EA Review  

Price: 299 USD
Broker name: Pepperstone
Timeframe: M5
Money Back Guarantee Money Back Guarantee

Myfxbook Forex Robotron

 Forex Robot for Sale  

Forex Robotron Fxblue Result Chart Forex Robotron stats Forex Robotron stats

Broker Profit top table description

This FX Trading table below aims to guide you to explore and investigate the profitability of the best forex robot or forex signal that fits your style of trade by checking the top forex trading live performance results.The trading systems indexed below are arranged according to their performances so that the Best EA'S robot or FX Signal will be at the top and remains there till another one performs better so it rises and takes its place.These live performance forward tests are the official ones managed by the expert advisors authors, some of them are running on live accounts and others on demo.

Attention !

  • * - In case the FLOATING P/L goes under 25%

To have an even ground, I am attempting to target a 3% -20% monthly return and a maximum of 25% as drawdown

  • "Testing Stopped" - In case the loss of the account is too high I stop the test.

After 100 days We stopped running this Expert Advisor because of weak or negative results.

  • Our robot test results ( Updated every 30 minutes)

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We have many ideas that can help make you and us richer so stay with us and we will succeed!

We are committed looking for the best trading systems, whether EA'S or trading signals. Forex trading is so difficult and we will help you to be able to choose the trading ea according to your needs. A lot of forex traders spend years of trading forex with almost no success, but we provide a proven track of records to ensure that these Best Forex EA'S will really help to improve your trading success.